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2012 mustang
One of my mustangs out of the corral and grazing
First Mustang
My first Mustang (1968) at my parents house in 1968. Great little car.



This web site is devoted to the Mustang, Shelby, and Ford Cobra enthusiasts. In 1968, I bought my first Mustang. It was a 3 speed 302 2bbl, plain Jane car equipped with a radio and heater. Oh  yes, it also had a steering wheel. However, even with cheap gas the tank was always empty.  As so many young people do, I set about saving money to add options. Added a Shelby intake manifold, 4bbl Holley carburetor and new wheels and tires. The latter being necessary because someone stole my originals. I ask you who would steal original stock wheels and tires off a stripped down Mustang? At any rate, many, many years and about 50-60 Mustangs later, I am still working on Mustangs. I decided to start this web site and publish my notes in hopes that others can benefit from the knowledge.

All information posted to this web site is researched prior to being posted and to the best of my knowledge is accurate.  Most all of the initial pictures are taken of my cars, at dealers, friends, or classic car lots. Some are of friends cars, a few are submitted. It seems that more and more people are submitting pictures. You will notice an absence of advertising, I hope to keep it this way. I don't accept donations, have refused to sell the site because I don't need the money, and it is just a hobby. I voluntarily  endorse businesses that have done right by me, and condemn those that offer cheap parts at a high price. Sometimes, I vent at FORD because I don't understand why they have done something, but I still buy FORDS.

Navigating the site. The first two "YEAR" drop down menus are there to select the year vehicle Mustang you want to look for. Once in the year, on the upper passenger side of the page is a drop down menu to take you to other listings for that year mustang, such as Maintenance schedules, Tune-up information, Transmission information, Pictures, Axle codes, brake and exhaust information and more. Somewhere about 2015, I stopped publishing electrical schematics and other mechanical information. This information is generally beyond the abilities of normal people who cannot afford the diagnostic equipment required to fix their own Mustang. I have a lift and quite a bit of inexpensive diagnostic equipment, however equipment that is really required is out of my hobbyist budget. So therefore, I cannot really tell you how I work on the newer cars. There is also the point that I really love to work on the older Mustangs and somewhere around 1994, I would rather not fix them and only drive them.

The third drop-down box is labeled MECHANICAL. In this menu you will find mechanical items that span multiple years. Mechanical tips that are limited to one or two years can be found in the mechanical links found on that particular year's menu.

The fourth drop-down box contains general information of a non-mechanical nature. Such a articles about Carroll Shelby, Cobra history, Mustang performance statistics, VIN and date codes and a needed section about fasteners such as nuts and bolts and other fasteners found in Mustangs.

The TIPS drop-down menu offers suggestions about things that span multiple years of Mustangs. Such as painting and putting on decals.

The last drop-down menu allows you to see restorations that either I have done or other Mustangers have documented and sent in. I cannot stress enough the importance of documenting a restoration. Eventually you may want to sell your restored Mustang and a documented restore will bring thousands of dollars more, because the buyer will have confidence that the restoration was done correctly and that they will not have to spend that money. If you want to publish it on this site, I will try to accommodate your wishes. However, do not expect an immediate listing. In summers I tend to my yard and garden, target shoot and do other out of doors activities. In Spring and fall, weather permitting I restore Mustangs and work in my shop. Winters and whenever I can't get into the shop, I work on this site  and about 6 other  web sites. I do Mustang research all year-round and I answer questions from readers all the time. The most distant user I have responded to was in Australia, some from Europe and most from the United States.

Because of the tremendous amount of data required to support this undertaking, not all years, body styles and other data will be available from the initial upload and I am always behind. If you want to contribute information, email it to me and I will gladly verify and research it then post your information, giving credit to you. The web site now consists of most years basic information from 1965 - 2015 and has considerable data. I am currently (January 2019) updating information for 2016- 2019. There is a section on my current restorations that has many, but not enough pictures.  It seems like I forget to take pictures all day long and just get them at the end.  However, I am now finishing up a 1965 fastback Mustang and have remembered to post pictures. When the last of the parts come in, I shall finish documenting that restore.

The drop down mechanical tab contains considerable information about the car parts. I buy and sell cars and parts, so a lot of information comes from these dealings. As a matter of fact, as I research parts to buy or sell, I needed a way to consolidate them and decided to do it here and share the info as well as make it easy to find again.

The TIPS drop down menu will contain schematics, drawings, and general helpful hints on how to do some things that I found difficult (or an easier way than documented). Templates to lower front ends, interoperability issues an most importantly, things NOT to do.  In other words, some things I did and then said "Oh $#!%". If you download a template, measure the point to point markers.  If you  print a smaller or larger copy than I uploaded, your measurements may be off.  I will have a scale on each page to allow you to check measurements.

Any information you want to provide or discuss can be sent to [email protected]. If you have a couple of pictures of your car and want them posted, send them as well.  Please attach a brief note in your email providing the information you want printed on the Internet.

By the way, I am NOT a programmer, what I have learned is on my own. So some things are done in a convoluted way, or may not be done the best way possible. If you have constructive ideas on what can be done better, let me know. But also at least give me a hint on how to do it so I can research it and see if I can figure it out. I am about 70's so give me a break and type slow so I can understand you.


  Last updated 1/25/2019

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