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1969 Mustang Colors
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Exterior Colors

Code Name Colors Paint Codes PPG colors
A Raven Black reven black RM A946
RM P403
9000 9300
B Royal Maroon royla maroon RM 1941 50746
C Black Jade jade black RM 2038 2037
D/6 Acapulco Blue alcapulco blue RM 1935 13357
E Aztec Aqua aztec aqua RM 2036 2039
F Gulfstream Aqua gulfstream aqua RM 1942 13329
I Lime Gold lime gold RM 1882 2054
K Bright Gold Metallic   RM 2198 2156
M Wimbledon White wimbledon white RM 1633 8378 or 8734
P Winter Blue winter blue RM 2035 2042
Champagne Gold champagne gold RM 2044 2044
T Candyapple Red candyapple red RM 1782 71528
W Meadowlark Yellow meadowlark yellow RM 1949 81584
Y Indian Fire Red indian fire red RM 2045 2046
2 New Lime new lime RM 2037 2047
3 Calypso Coral calypso corral RM 2197 60449
4 Silver Jade silver jade RM 2040 2048
6 Pastel Grey pastel gray RM 2033 2038

Low Gloss Black used on Mustang Mach 1 = 9295

ACCENT STRIPE COLORS; White = 8378, Black = 9000, Medium Blue = 13338, Red = 71243, Silver = 32520, Gold = 81608 (PPG colors)

The following were the interior trim options.

code Name Color Paint Code
2A Black vinyl    
2B Blue vinyl    
2D Red vinyl    
2G Ivy Gold vinyl    
2Y Nugget Gold vinyl    
4A(DA) Black comfort-weave-high buckets    
4D(DD) Red comfort-weave high buckets    
DW White comfort-weave high buckets    
5A Black comfort-weave luxury    
5B Blue comfort-weave luxury    
5D Red comfort-weave luxury    
5G Ivy comfort-weave luxury    
5W White comfort-weave luxury    
5Y Nugget gold comfort-weave luxury    
8A(9A) Black comfort weave bench    
8B(9B) Blue comfort weave bench    
8D(9D) Red comfort weave bench    
8Y(9Y) Nugget gold  comfort weave bench    
CF Black convertible deluxe    
7A Black convertible deluxe    
7B Blue  convertible deluxe    
7D Red convertible deluxe    
7G Ivy gold convertible deluxe    
7W White convertible deluxe    
7Y Nugget gold convertible deluxe    
1A Black cloth & vinyl luxury    
1B Blue cloth & vinyl luxury    
1G Ivy gold cloth & vinyl luxury    
1Y Nugget gold cloth & vinyl luxury    
3A Black Mach 1    
3D Red Mach 1    
3W White Mach 1    

Convertible top colors were either black or white.

Trunk Spatter color is Gray DX-1756

Leave these as neutral parts. sand or bead blast and phosphate or coat with clear acrylic.
Accelerator and linkage
Fan spacer Leaf spring mounting bolts
Air conditioning line
Interior fender bolts Shock tower brace bolts
A/C mounting bracket
Fuel tank Shock mounting bolts
Air cleaner wing nut
Fuel tank filler neck Shifter linkage
Fuel tank bolts Steering gear box
Alternaator bracket
Fuel pump Suspension attaching bolts
Ball joints
Gas lines Taillight bodies
Bell housings
Generator brackets Taillight housing nuts
Brake junction block
Grille bolts Transmission
Brake lines
Hood catch Transmmisson crossmember
Carburetor spacer
Hood latch Trunk lock
Clutch llinkage
Hood bolts Trunk lock striker
Differential yoke
Hood hinges Universal joints
Disc brake assembly
Hood hinge bolts Valance panel bolts
Door locks
idler arm Voltage regulator bolts
Door striker
Master cylinder Wheel cylinder bolts
Drive shaft
Oil pressure sending unit Windshield washer pump
Emergency brake llinkage
Parking light bodies Windshield washer bag retaining bolts
Engine accessory bracket bolts
Power steering brackets (1967 & 1968)  
Engine support bolts
Proportioning valve  
Exhaust hangers
Radiator bolts  
Exhaust system
Leaf spring shackles  


The following parts should be painted chassis black
Battery tray
Firewall Rear axle housing
Battery holdown
Front crossmember Shock mounts
Brake backing plates
Generator Spring shield
Bumper braces
lower control arms Starter
Coil springs
Heater motor Support braces
Crankshaft pulley
Hood lock support & brace Undercarriage
Fan Shroud
Radiator Upper contraol arms, front suspension
Fender wells
Radiator support  
Inner fenders